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Connecting you to the best jobs in the clinical industry. Paragon Global Network aims to give you a global outreach to the latest jobs in the clinical industry. We are an online recruitment agency aimed to give you access to the best jobs.



We are a staffing agency committed to give you access to the best jobs in the clinical research industry.


We have a proven track record with major pharmaceutical and medical device companies to support and grow their clinical operational divisions.

Clinical Data Management | Clinical Project Management | Clinical Research Associates | Clinical Trial Managers | Quality Assurance

Drug Safety | Clinical SAS Programming | Medical Writer | Biostatistics | EDC Developers


To Register for Job Placement you can fill this form online or you can download this form, print it, complete all sections and submit to APPLICATION@PARAGONGLOBALNETWORK.COM along with a copy of your degree/diploma certificate and other supporting documents


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I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the information given is true and correct. I have also read the terms and conditions of the job placement support process. I understand that inaccurate, misleading, untrue statements or knowingly withheld information may result in termination of contract with this organization. I understand that, in some cases, police and credit checks will be required and I will be notified if this applies to this application.


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